Rainbow Rivera

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November 20, 2009

In archiving poems in blog format, I find embedding videos to the narrative script heightens the sensory experience, thus enhancing memory: simultaneous stimuli, rather than a replacement paradigm with regards to medium, similar to those of Filipino Wordophile, Nick Carbó. With an accompanying visual montage, the reader is more likely to stay with the piece, rather than a wham-bam!-thank you, sir means of creative dissection. To capture the essence of canonization — the experimental method of engaging the written word to cinematic language, while maintaining their distinction — that’s something I’m currently exploring in my work toward Awareness is Liberation.

Rainbows in my bloodstream
Collide like gifts under a Lovetree
Like Garbage Pail Kids on the front
Covers of Chrisnukkah cards
Sticking their pierced tongues
Out together like a River
Phoenix over The Land
Flowing with mustard and ketchup

Branch by branch
Brick by brick
Jerusalem stone
By Jerusalem Stone

The House of Prayer
Shtiebel is built somewhere
Over the Fusion spectrum
To withstand the wolves —
In sheep’s pajamas —
Kicking breath
As we eagerly wait
For what
We all ready have

Food for thought:

Sistahs, weave rainbows
Brothahs, recline

Make war on the dance-floor, not bombs

Shmuel, I am
I am Samuel

We are family!

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