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April 16, 2013

Boston Globe editorial cartoonist Dan Wasserman’s fitting tribute.

As we mourn for Boston, we share this small roundup of early Jewish responses, from Bostonians, transplants, allies – all are stories of interconnection, about how our identities are defined not only by who we are and where we come from, but by how we react and come together in the aftermath of a tragedy like this one.

Lucky Tran, the Illuminator collective

A tribute in light on the wall of the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

At Velveteen Rabbi, Rabbi Rachel Barenblat with “We Find God in the Helpers.”

At Jewschool, David Levy exploring Exile and Peoplehood.

At the Forward, Abigail Jones on “Terror at the Boston Marathon.”

At the Jewish Women’s Archive, Jordyn Rozensky on “Holding onto Humanity”, excerpted here:

My response to today’s events in Boston isn’t coming to you from the Jewish perspective. It’s not coming to you from the feminist perspective. I’m posting these words here on the Jewish Women’s Archive as a member of the greater humanity. Together, despite our differences, despite our struggles, despite times we have clashed in the past, we stand together against hate.

I’m holding onto humanity.

I’m taking a stand, and I’m refusing to give into hate.

Tonight I’m going to think about love.

Tonight I’m going to think about bravery.

Tonight I’m going to think about faith.

I’m going to think about humanity.

It is the only thing we can do.

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