Morning Jew: Dylan Farrow, David "Bridgegate" Wildenstein, Boy Who Cried Shonda, and More

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February 7, 2014

“It would be good for the Jews to not have Woody Allen represent us anymore. I still want jokes, but they can be less self-loathing, and they can be jokes that aren’t based on misogyny.”

In this week’s morning Jew, Heather Gold and Katie Halper weigh in on which of the week’s headlines are good for the Jews: Bridgegate’s David Wildstein, Dylan Farrow, talmudic hate mail, and more.

Zeek enjoys partnering with Morning Jew, comics Katie Halper and Heather Gold’s tongue-in-cheek takedown of morning news shows, talking heads, and the news itself. Is it good for the Jews?

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