Aryeh ben David

Aryeh ben David is the founder of Ayeka, an organization devoted to bringing God back to the conversation. Aryeh has taught at Pardes Institute in Jerusalem since 1987, and has served as Rabbinical Educational Consultant for Hillel International from 2004-2007. He is the author of Around the Shabbat Table, A Guide to Meaningful Shabbat Conversations and The Godfile, Ten Approaches to Personalizing Prayer. Aryeh lives in Israel, where he received Rabbinic ordination from the Israeli rabbinate. He has served in the Israeli army and lives in Efrat, Gush Etzion.

Faith and Practice

Birth and Fear: Bringing God In

I knew something was wrong when my son-in-law didn’t call. My daughter was in the birthing room, two weeks overdue.

Life and Action

Finding God By Not Thinking Too Much

Have I made a lifetime of mistakes – during all my years as a teacher and educator? Have I mistaken Jacob for Esau?

Faith and Practice

Finding God at the Rock Bottom

New Zeek Columnist Aryeh Ben David finds God when he hits rock bottom and learns to embrace helplessness as humanity’s existential state.

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