Mya Guarnieri

Mya Guarnieri is a Tel Aviv-based freelance journalist and writer. Her Zeek column offers biweekly excerpts from her forthcoming novel, tentatively titled Alma, the story of one young girl's journey to adulthood.

Guarnieri is a regular contributor to The National and The Jerusalem Post. Her work has also appeared in Outlook India-- India's Newsweek subsidiary-- as well as Haaretz, The Jewish Daily Forward, Maan News Agency, Common Ground News Service, Mondoweiss and numerous other international publications.

Arts and Culture

Black Doesn't Show Stains

Whenever a single parent starts dating, children often feel rejected. Mya Guarnieri’s Alma goes the extra mile, disconnecting every appliance in her mother’s home, in protest.

News and Politics

Where is the Spirit of Passover?

What were they thinking? Mya Guarnieri on the significance of the name “Clean and Tidy” for the Netanyahu government’s latest campaign to halt illegal immigration.

Arts and Culture

We're Not White Trash. We're Jews.

Holocaust education sure ain’t what it used to be. What happens when two adolescent girls try to steal books about the Shoah - from their local public library.

News and Politics

Democracy Starts in the Occupied Territories

Responding to Im Tirzu’s attack on the New Israel Fund, Mya Guarnieri analyzes the growing threat of the Occupation to Israeli democracy.

Life and Action

My First Jewish Friend

Meeting other Jews may help provide a child with a sense of community. Being accepted as Jewish, by other Jews, however, is an entirely different story. It may have little to do with religion, and everything to do with class.

Arts and Culture

The Time I Took Communion

Children and hippies tend to have certain things in common, like believing that all religions are the same. What happens when a nice Jewish girl goes to church, looking for her Israeli father.

News and Politics

Israel Cracks Down on Free Speech

The Jewish state has frequently been cited for its toleration of debate about Israel’s failings. In recent months, however, both the government and security forces have grown increasingly uneasy with this environment. Mya Guarnieri on Tuesday’s arrest of Ma’an editor Jared Malsin.

Life and Action

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

What happens when you have a friend in Jesus, and you also happen to have a friend by the name of Jesus? Proselytized to by a devout Christian classmate, a Florida fourth grader is surprised to discover that they are indeed very different people.

News and Politics

Why I Agree with Nasrallah (Well, Sort of...)

Israel would do well to look at the reflection before us, in Lebanon, and to listen to the Hezbollah leader’s call for unity, as though it were a warning from our future. But we shouldn’t follow his suggestion of uniting for the sake of confronting an enemy. Israelis—Jewish, Muslim, and Christian—must join hands in order to build a better country and a stronger Middle East.

News and Politics


After sixty years of conflict, our neighbors are still angry. The average Palestinian does not want war or death — but some of the fringe groups do. My guess is that they’ve not given up. The calm Israel is experiencing right now is deceptive. Something terrible is on the horizon.

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