Rachel Metz

Rachel Metz is a DC-area-based analyst and occasional writer on social justice issues, whose writing has appeared in In These Times, the Jerusalem Post, Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, and Washington Jewish Week. Those roughly correspond to the places she has lived - southern Virginia, Chicago, southern Israel, and the Navajo Nation, each of which has impacted her perspective on race, space, and privilege. Since returning to the DC-area she has continued to engage with social justice issues professionally (focused on education) and as a volunteer leader with Jews United for Justice

Courtesy of Charles Clymer, @cmclymer

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Hey You, Are You Confronting Jewish Racism? Ferguson, Race & Public Space

As the civil unrest in Ferguson re-launches much-needed conversations about race — and racism — US Jews must see this as a call to action on injustice broadly as well as a time to kickstart difficult conversations within the Jewish community. And not just around the kind of explicit, hate-filled racism we heard from Donald Sterling this spring, but pressingly, around the more subtle undercurrent that enables more explicit racism but often goes, unnoticed, unremarked upon, and thus, unchecked.

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