Andrew Ramer

Andrew Ramer is a poet, novelist, midrashist, and body worker. He writes a regular column on spiritual practice for White Crane Journal and has published six book, the best known of whiich is Two Flutes Playing (Lethe Press 2005). He can be found online at ([]

Andrew writes about himself: You will find in my work a range of voices, some my own and some received, a term I prefer to ‘channeled.’ My styles vary. I write very long novels and very very short stories. My published work includes books on angels and pieces in gay erotic anthologies. Years ago I decided that I would write a book in every genre. Cookbook and murder mystery lie somewhere in my future. And twenty-three unpublished books live in ream boxes in a cabinet in my study.

Faith and Practice

Celebrating the Jewish Body: Exercises for Body and Soul

The very first thing the Torah tells us about ourselves is that we are created b’tzelem Elohim, in the image of God. What would our lives be like if we built a Judaism around the physicality of the body?

Faith and Practice

Seven Days for Shavuot?

Of the three harvest festivals, Sukkot and Passover are weeklong. Why not Shavuot?

Life and Action

Al-Andalus: The Hidden Mirror

What if two men, two lovers, in medieval Andalusia found themselves reflected in Torah?

Life and Action

Before Arvit

In this piece from Andrew’s midrash project, Queering the Text, we learn why looking at the rabbi during the priestly blessing can pose unforeseen temptations.

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