Karen Lee Erlichman

Karen Lee Erlichman, MSS, LCSW provides psychotherapy and spiritual direction in private practice in San Francisco. Formerly the Bay area Director of Jewish Mosaic, Karen is a Circle of Trust facilitator trained by the Center for Courage and Renewal. Go to her website at http://www.karenerlichman.com or read her blog

Geoff Ault, Another Nightmare

Faith and Practice

Hearing the Healers

“Healing” is an abstract word, but the experiences we have as healers are concrete and specific. Here, read the voices of three people engaged in the healing process: a military chaplain, a hospice volunteer, and a social worker experiencing her own grief.

Faith and Practice

Excerpt from The Proper Jewish Mourning for a Queer Ex-Wife

In this award-winning essay, Erlichman asks, What is the proper Jewish way to mourn a queer ex-wife?

Life and Action

Diversity and Inclusion in the Jewish Community

The best communities are built around respect and acceptance. According to Karen Lee Ehrlichman, Jewish institutions have to forcefully embody these ideals if they are going to survive.

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