Rachel Tabachnick

Rachel Tabachnick is a full time researcher, contributor to Talk2Action.org and author of an educational CD on the dangers of Christian Zionism. She collaborated with Bruce Wilson on the May 2008 video which resulted in McCain’s rejection of John Hagee’s endorsement.

News and Politics

Why Christian Zionists Love Jews and Other Notes from the End-Times

The campaign for Jews to partner with Christian Zionists has intensified since the formation of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) in 2006. Read what this means, and why Jews should care.

Faith and Practice

The War Against Tolerance (with response from Phyllis Chesler)

Rifqa Bary is an Ohio teen who ran away from home after converting to Christianity. Jews and Evangelicals banded together to save her from her Muslim family. They saw their effort as being part of a global struggle against Islam. What they were really fighting was multiculturalism. Phyllis Chesler, quoted in the article, responds.

Faith and Practice

Our Day, Their Prayers

The National Day of Prayer is supposed to celebrate America’s religious diversity. According to Rachel Tabachnick, the annual event has been hijacked by fundamentalists.

Faith and Practice

Ranking Righteous Gentiles

On Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), Jews are not only encouraged to remember the victims of Nazism. We are also moved to recognize our shared humanity with others.

Faith and Practice

Disenchanting Zionism

Zionism was once considered a Jewish demand for human rights. It was not, as it has been recast, an expression of Jewry’s divine rights.

News and Politics

A Serial Obstructionist

Benjamin Netanyahu has a history of obstructing US efforts to further the peace process. Unaware of construction plans for east Jerusalem? Rachel Tabachnick provides evidence to the contrary.

Faith and Practice

Saving Jews From John Hagee

Over the last four decades, Evangelicals infiltrated Zionist circles, convincing naïve Israelis and Jews that they were friends. Manipulating Jewish desire for respect and repentance, today, their support for Israel is considered indispensable. And, to a growing number of Jews, suspect.

News and Politics

Loving Israel, Demonizing Jews

Christian anti-Semitism hasn’t died. Its just gone in drag as Zionism. What has changed is the willingness of Jewish rightists to overlook it, in exchange for foreign support of the Occupation.

News and Politics

Elie Wiesel Needs New Friends

Christian Zionists speak in an Orwellian vernacular. On the one hand, they claim Scripture to support the State of Israel. On the other, they pray for the destruction of the Jewish people. Rachel Tabachnick takes to task novelist Elie Wiesel for his befriending America’s best-known proponent of this doublespeak, Pastor John Hagee.

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