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Zeek offers advertisers two excellent opportunities to reach an engaged, educated Jewish audience—online via our website or through sponsorships in our email newsletter.

Zeek is a catalyst for conversations about the Jewish tomorrow. Our content ranges from Jewish meditation to Israeli fiction to congregational-based community organizing, as we explore what Jewish spirituality, culture and politics will look like for the next generation. Edgy and provocative, our well-written and well-edited pieces have received several Rockower awards (the Jewish Pulitizers) and notice in established media like the New York Times and Ha’aretz, as well as in blogs and social media.

Drawing from every segment of the progressive Jewish world, Zeek has featured writing by Sacha Baron Cohen, Ilan Stavans, Rabbi Rebecca Alpert, Rabbi Jill Jacobs, Shaul Magid, Rachel Barenblat (the Velveteen Rabbi), Richard Kostelanetz, Angela Himsel, Andrew Ramer, Joel Schalit, Rabbi Elliot Kukla, Jay Michaelson and many, many others. Recent print issues include Sex, Gender and God (Spring 2009), Israelology (Fall 2009), and Reforming Healing: Why Spiritual Care Matters for Health Care (Spring 2010).

Past sponsors/advertisers of Zeek have included Hazon, Makor, and the Jewish Federation of New York. Join them and us in creating a vital, inclusive Judaism for the 21st century!


Zeek reaches 10,000 unique readers a month online, 1500 readers through our biweekly email newsletter, and 1000 readers in print.

A recent survey indicated that 70% of our readers are ages 25-45. Over 60% of readers have a post-graduate or professional degree. One hundred percent identified as Jewish; of these, 15% were Orthodox, 10% Conservative, 15% Reform, 22% “secular,” and 25% “post-denominational.”

Attendees at our events likewise are primarily age 25-45 and Jewish. Zeek appeals to those Jews who have graduated from college, taken their birthright trips, and started to think about settling down. They are ready for the truly big questions—how will I raise my children? how will I express my Jewish identity in my everyday life?

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