Privacy Policy

Zeek Media, Inc. is a non-profit progressive media company. Our aim is to spread ideas, not to make money. However, we can’t print a magazine without paying for paper and ink, and we won’t be able to keep publishing online unless we figure out a way to pay our staff. That financial need leads us to collect some types of information.

Zeek relies on Google Analytics, Quantcast and Feedburner, so that we can tell advertisers how many people are reading pieces on the site, and what content they like. We are concerned about the amount of data Google collects. Nevertheless, what we learn is restricted to the limited amount of information that Google Analytics provides: your internet service provider, your current hometown, and what search query might have brought you to us.

We also use Facebook and Twitter to connect to our readers. Facebook has begun collecting data on users; read their privacy policy. We use Facebook because their software is well known, and it provides us with a free way to spread the word about Zeek.

Should you choose to sign up for our newsletter, make a donation, or purchase an issue of Zeek’s print edition, you will be asked to submit your name, physical mailing address, email address, and, if making a purchase, credit card information for billing. Zeek retains this information for internal purposes only. We will not share it with any third parties.

If you use your email or snail address to sign up for an event, we may share your information with event cosponsors. We insist that cosponsors first agree that they will only use your information to ask you if you would like to receive more information. That is what Zeek also does. For example, if you use paypal to purchase a ticket at a Zeek event, we may email you and ask if you would like to receive our email newsletter. We will never sign you up without your permission. If you do not want your information shared, please pay in cash.


Jo Ellen Green Kaiser, Editor, and the Zeek team

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