Poem for the Kansas Shootings

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April 13, 2014


Then came the ox

who drank the tears

that fell from the eyes

that saw the slain

who fell from the bullets

shot from the gun

held by the hands

raised by the man

who stoked the hate

that fed the fire

that burned his soul

and theirs

and yours

and mine

and dayenu.

This Passover, may God


give us the strength

to pray, to organize, to act, until

Chad Gadya

is just some

dumb old


Editor’s Note: This poem was written in response to breaking news of the April 13 shootings in Kansas City. You can read about the news in the Forward: “Gunman Spewing Nazi Hate Kills 3 at Jews Sites Outside Kansas City, Singled Out Jews for Death in Overland Park.”

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