Angela Himsel

Angela’s award-winning weekly column, “Angetevka,” just celebrated its one-year anniversary at ZEEK. Her writing, both fiction and non-fiction, has also appeared in the New York Times, the Forward, the Jewish Week, Lilith, the Partisan Review, BOMB and elsewhere. She holds a bachelor’s degree in religious studies from Indiana University and a master of fine arts from City College. Angela lives in New York City with her husband, three kids and two dogs.

Arts and Culture


Writing is easy; find a title is hard.

Life and Action

Faith Floats: Collecting Noah's Ark

A meditation on Noah’s ark collectibles leads Angela to ask: What if Noah’s Ark is found? Would faith float back to the surface?

Life and Action

Like Honey and Milk Under Your Tongue

If sukkot is a gift of fruit, and pesach the sacrifice of lamb, what is shavuot?

Life and Action

The Ox in Chava Shulamit

Of Babies and Alphabets

Life and Action

What’s Right About Lice

“Look, there’s a live one!” Jacqui pointed at a bug on Sophia’s forehead. It was hard to see what was right about these lice.

Faith and Practice

Obama's Seder: Stay for a While

President Obama’s seder reminds me of what makes our rehash of history so special.

Life and Action

Jew Jaws

The silence is profound. I look around the table at the other nine people and I wonder if they feel it, too.

Life and Action


What mevushal wine, teviled whisks and b’dikah have to do with evangelical prayer cloths and old cars.

Arts and Culture

Avatar Meets Garden of Eden

Is Avatar just another Lion King? Or, even worse, a manipulative mythic replay of the Garden of Eden?

Life and Action

Coming Home

Remembering a Holocaust survivor who became a Sisterhood Queen

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