Angela Himsel

Angela’s award-winning weekly column, “Angetevka,” just celebrated its one-year anniversary at ZEEK. Her writing, both fiction and non-fiction, has also appeared in the New York Times, the Forward, the Jewish Week, Lilith, the Partisan Review, BOMB and elsewhere. She holds a bachelor’s degree in religious studies from Indiana University and a master of fine arts from City College. Angela lives in New York City with her husband, three kids and two dogs.

Life and Action

Insider Information

When my cousin David asked if he could become a Scottish Calvinist, I felt like a member of the British Court that ruled on Jewish identity: Yes, I told him, you can become a Calvinist, but not a Scottish Calvinist–you need to separate genes from faith.

Life and Action

Naming Names

Naming babies is no easy task. When a Christian in-law decides to call her new son Cohen, what’s a Jew to think?

Life and Action

Angetevka: Bathrooms and Blessings

What do you do in the bathroom? TMI or a source of blessing?

Life and Action

Angetevka: Festooned Felicities

A Jew at Christmas is like a gay prom date: there’s a lot of denial

Faith and Practice

Angetevka: Hannukah, O Chanukah!

There’s nothing simple about being a Jew, and Hannukah is a good case in point. How to spell it, with or without the “C”? And then, who can remember from year to year how you light the menorah, left to right, or right to left? Potato latkes – cakey or crispy?

Life and Action

Angetevka: Asking for It

After her dog dies, her daughter has surgery, and she gets sick, our columnist realizes that there are times when asking is as important as giving.

Life and Action

Entrances and Exits

When I leave the Indianapolis airport and go through a tollbooth where “Santa Exit” is written across the top of the lane, it’s clear that I’ve exited one world and entered another.

Life and Action

Angetevka: Naming Names

Psychologists tell us that children’s names affect how we treat them. Mystics assert that your name is your destiny. So, you know, there’s a lot at stake when you name your child. No wonder the enormity of it paralyzes me.

Life and Action

Angetevka: Remote Possibilities

What do vibrators, remote computer repair, robot snakes and God have in common?

Life and Action

Angetevka: It’s Relative

Begging your pardon in advance, this past week when I heard about a recent rabbinical ruling, a dirty joke popped into my head. Here it is: What’s the difference between like and love? Spit or swallow.

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