Ben Schachter

Ben Schachter combines Jewish thought and Contemporary Art. He sees a similarity between the restrictions conceptual artists created for themselves that limited and guided their work and Jewish law. Most recently, his work was on view at the Hebrew Union College. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and two children. For more information on Schachter's work visit his site

Arts and Culture

Tzit Tzit Fiber Art and Jewish Identity

Slideshow of recent contemporary Jewish textile exhibition in Pennsylvania, curated by Ben Schachter.

Hechshers of The US

The Hechshers of the United States series appropriates hechshers to show the variety and beauty of the logos.

Instant Eruv

Ever need an eruv in a hurry? Well, here is the perfect thing for that DIY Jew in all of us. Complete with 18 feet of florescent cord, this little bag has everything you need.

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