Bruce Wilson

Recognized for publicizing Christians United For Israel founder John Hagee’s now notorious “God sent Hitler” assertion - which led 2008 presidential candidate John McCain to renounce Hagee’s political endorsement - Bruce Wilson is co-founder of the religion and politics website Talk To Action. He studies and writes on the Christian supremacy movement.

Courtesy of the American Institute of Theology

Faith and Practice

Their Religion is Hatred

Christian Zionism is frequently conflated with two other equally racist brands of Protestantism: Christian Identity and British Israelism. While acknowledging their shared antipathy towards Jews, Bruce Wilson emphasizes that it is important to appreciate their differences.

Faith and Practice

Christians Rewrite the Holocaust

Despite their new-found fondness for Israel, Evangelicals still blame Jews for their misfortunes. According to Bruce Wilson, such scapegoating is predicated on a larger framework of historical revisionism, which includes placing blame for the Shoah on “liberal/left” Jewry.

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