Joe Lockard

Joe Lockard is an associate professor of English at Arizona State University, where he directs the Antislavery Literature Project. His most recent book was Watching Slavery: Witness Texts and Travel Reports (Peter Lang, 2008). He teaches early American literature, early African American literature, comparative ethnic literatures, and social protest literature.

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Careful with that enthusiasm

Life and Action

Dissonant Soldier

Joe Lockard enjoyed living in Israel. He raised a family in Jerusalem, and worked as a lecturer. His only objection was having to serve in the Israel Defense Forces.

Life and Action

We Are All Journalists

He did his army service, however reluctantly. But he did it on his own terms. Joe Lockard recounts covering the First Intifada, undercover, while serving in the Israel Defense Forces.

News and Politics


Bedouin Israelis have long served in the IDF. Best known for their reconnaissance work, they are frequently used to demonstrate the multiculturalism of Israel’s armed forces. Joe Lockard dispels this myth, recounting an evening’s reserve duty in the Arava desert.

News and Politics

Howard Zinn, 1922-2010

America’s best-known progressive historian passed away on Wednesday. The son of European immigrants, Zinn’s combination of activism and academia epitomized the values of the Jewish community at its best. A 2001 interview, reprinted from Bad Subjects.

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