Mae Singerman

Mae Singerman lives in Brooklyn, NY, and writes Zeek's Leftist Ethicist advice column. She is originally from Miami Beach, FL, and misses eating mangoes that have fallen straight from the tree. She is operations and events manager at Caring Across Generations, the former coordinator at the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable and founding collective member of the Community/Farmworker Alliance-NYC. She wrote regularly for the now-defunct Jspot and has written for Jewcy, Off Our Backs, and Left Turn Magazine.

Life and Action

The Leftist Ethicist, May Edition

For her May column, the Leftist Ethicist offers sensible solutions for dilemmas dealing with anti-Semitism, race and class and being an ethical employer at home.

Life and Action

The Leftist Ethicist

The Leftist Ethicist is an advice column for Zeek readers who envision a more just world and act to create it. With a commitment to justice and progressive Jewish teaching (and a loving nod to the Bintel Brief), the Leftist Ethicist provides a space to raise questions, without judgment, and receive sensible solutions. Zeek presents the first installment here.

As a wedding present, a distant family member bought my wife and I stock in a company whose treatment of workers I strongly disagree with. I thanked the family member politely, but now I don’t know what to do. Should I keep the stock?

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