Mya Guarnieri

Mya Guarnieri is a Tel Aviv-based freelance journalist and writer. Her Zeek column offers biweekly excerpts from her forthcoming novel, tentatively titled Alma, the story of one young girl's journey to adulthood.

Guarnieri is a regular contributor to The National and The Jerusalem Post. Her work has also appeared in Outlook India-- India's Newsweek subsidiary-- as well as Haaretz, The Jewish Daily Forward, Maan News Agency, Common Ground News Service, Mondoweiss and numerous other international publications.

Life and Action

Why I Stay in Israel

Best known for her political writing in periodicals such as the Jerusalem Post, Tel Aviv resident Mya Guarnieri shifts gears, and confesses her love for…. pomegranate juice.

Arts and Culture

Tel Aviv Wake Up

Just a few days ago, two Arab girls were prevented from entering Dizengoff Center due to their ethnic origin and what they were wearing. It was without any justification… And no one is speaking up.

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