Noach Dzmura

‚Äč"Sholem wrestles an Angel" is from a memoir in progress by Noach Dzmura. While dreaming of being a writer, he acquired two master's degrees, two professions and not much in the way of happiness or wealth. After turning 50 he decided to be a writer and craftsman of recycled materials, working odd jobs to support his creativity. The result is a happy, peaceful and meaningful life. The marks of his passage through the world may be found here.


Arts and Culture

Fiction: Sholem Wrestles an Angel

To a man with hearing loss, the world can present some strange playlists. For instance, the intolerable screech of the BART car on its tracks can approach the sublime. Wind across the brushed aluminum surface of the car can sound like a choir singing a note and its minor third simultaneously, moving up and down a ghostly atonal scale as the car speeds up and slows down. The symphony is released into the atmosphere when the train moves on elevated track, and then strangulated within tunnels where it is forced to ever higher pitches.

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