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November 28, 2009

TurkishPsychMix by Elders of Zion


3 Hürel, Kol Basti, from Hurel Asivi (Disktour, 1976)

Mogollar, Garip Coban, from Mogollar (Disktour, 1971)

3 Hürel, Anadolu Dansi, from 3 Hur El (Disktour, 1972)

Mogollar, Hitchin’, from Mogollar

3 Hürel, Kucuk Yaramaz, from Hurel Asivi (Disktour, 1976)

Ersen, Metelik, from Ersen (2008, Finders Keepers)

Erkin Koray, Turku, from Elektronik Türküler

3 Hürel, Sevenler Aglarmis, from Hurel Asivi (Disktour, 1976)

John Berberian and the Rock East Ensemble, The Oud and The Fuzz, from Middle Eastern Rock, (Verve, 1969)

Edip Akbaryam, Mehmet Emmit, from Edip Akbaryam (Shadoks, 2006)

Artist Note: The sole non-Turkish artist included in this mix, Armenian American oud virtuoso John Berberian, (artistically contemporaneous with the beginnings of Turkish psychedelia), is also oftentimes cited as belonging to the same larger Middle Eastern psych scene as Israel’s The Churchills, and New York Arab expats The Devil’s Anvil, among others.

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