Rabbi Debra Kolodny

Rabbi Debra Kolodny is the executive director of Nehirim and spiritual leader of P’nai Or of Portland, Oregon.

Center for American Progress (10/18/12)

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Torah, ENDA and Our Mandate to Act (Now)

The US Senate could vote this week on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). [See editor’s note for updates.]

May this bill pass in 2013, ending the 19-year struggle to ensure recourse against workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Why is passing this federal legislation so critical? Right now, transgender people can be fired in 33 states while lesbian, gay and bisexual people can be fired in 29, merely for being ourselves. Seeking fairness and justice state by state has been a tortuously slow process that leaves millions of people at risk for joblessness and its potential ramifications: poverty, homelessness, shame, depression, illness.

Why as Jews should we attend to this travesty? Regardless of our sexual orientation and gender identity, why should we make this struggle our own?

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