Robert Israel

Robert Israel writes short stories, theater, arts and book reviews. He is a member of the Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE). A resident of Arlington, Mass., he also writes essays and profiles on politics, healthcare, religion, ethnic and minority affairs, and business for numerous publications. A recipient of the Hibakusha Award, he reported from Japan on the lives of atomic bomb survivors. Reach him at

Arts and Culture

Fiction: Buying the House Twice

On Sunday mornings there was whitefish and lox and halvah so sweet it hurt your teeth. There were loaves of challah and cheese and slices of purple onion. The dining room seated our family, my aunt Ruth and her family, my aunt Bella, my grandmother, and Ada Rappaport and her boyfriend. Everyone talked at once. Annie took the sliced head of the whitefish and removed it from the scaly body. She pressed her lips against skull and sucked the eyeballs whole.

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