Susan Lubeck

Susan Lubeck agrees with Adrienne Rich: “There’s something more than the food and the humor” --though the food and the humor are not to be underestimated. She is the Regional Director of Bend the Arc Bay Area.*

Luba Lukova, Detail, book cover for “Art and Social Justice Education: Culture as Commons” (Routledge)

Faith and Practice

Amnesia: A Plague of Modern Life, Or, Why It’s Time to Wake Up to Importance of Interdependence (Second Night)

Amnesia is the plague I want to call out. It is a widespread phenomenon of modern life here in the US.

To wit: I am the granddaughter of immigrant garment workers. The forgetting is such that I never even realized the significance of that reality until well into my adulthood. One take on that significance: flight from the familiar into disorientation and vulnerability. Humble origins, a tiny one-bedroom apartment for four people. Being “the stranger,” the ger, the experience that the Haggadah takes pains to remind us of and to transport us to.

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