Katie Halper

Katie Halper is a comic, writer, blogger, satirist and filmmaker based in New York. Her documentary “Commie Camp” won a special jury prize at the Independent Vision Awards. A director of Living Liberally and co-founder/performer in Laughing Liberally, Katie has performed at Town Hall, Netroots Nation, and The Nation Magazine Cruise (where she made Howard Dean laugh!), and has appeared with Lizz Winstead, Markos Moulitsas, The Yes Men, Cynthia Nixon and Jim Hightower.

Her writing and videos have appeared in/on the New York Times, Comedy Central, The Nation, Gawker, Nerve, Jezebel, the Huffington Post, Alternet, NY Magazine, LA Times, and the National Review, which called Katie “cute and somewhat brainy.” Katie co-produced Tim Robbins’s “Embedded”; Estela Bravo’s “Free to Fly”; was outreach director for Naomi Klein/Avi Lewis documentary “The Take,” and has written/directed viral satiric videos including “Jews/Women/Gays for McCain.”

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Morning Jew: World Cup Fever! Naked Soccer Players! Favela evictions!

World Cup fever with a special guest, Brazilian journalist Mariana Rebua Simoes – but is there a Jew on the pitch?

News and Politics

Morning Jew: Mark Cuban & More Deep Thoughts about Jews Owning Sports Teams

Not exactly comforting: New takes on safety blankets, Jewish cardinals, milk and more on this week’s edition of Morning Jew! Watch now!

News and Politics

Morning Jew: Dissecting Rev. Louis Farrakhan on Jews and Sports

Zeek enjoys partnering with comics Katie Halper and Heather Gold to bring you Morning Jew, a takedown of morning news shows, talking heads, and the news itself. Nu, they ask, are the headlines good for the Jews?

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Morning Jew: You Think Your Divorce Was Torture?

News and Politics

Two (Jew)Faced: Katy Perry & Macklemore: Should We Be Willing To Be Mocked More? -- Morning Jew, with Guest Jessie Kahnweiler

This week Macklemore and Katy Perry decided to see if pop culture would accept “Jew face.” This and more with our fabulous guest, the very funny filmmaker Jessie Kahnweiler @shegotchutzpah.

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Morning Jew: Donald Sterling and Jewish Racism

News and Politics

Morning Jew: Reminiscing about 1st Amendment with Guest Dahlia Lithwick, Supreme WASPs, George Clooney, Monica Lewinsky

This week, special guest Dahlia Lithwick, legal expert and editor at Slate and Newsweek, joins us to talk about how there used to be a separation of Church and State before this week’s Town of Greece case, how there are no more WASPs on the Supreme Court, George Clooney, Monica Lewinsky, Rob Ford and Principal Schmutz! And we do a lightning round. Watch now!

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Morning Jew: Donald Sterling’s Scary Fans, Beautiful People, Sarah Palin, and Being Menschy

On today’s Morning Jew we look at, duh, Donald Sterling - not just his racist rant, but his housing discrimination history and misogyny. Then we turn to People’s 50 “Most Beautiful” people list and wonder why there are so few Jewish punims on the list. And more.

News and Politics

Morning Jew: Bubbe Clinton?, KKK “wizardry” on LinkedIn, & Pastures of Plenty at the Seder

Comedians Katie Halper and Heather Gold take down the news. Nu, is it good for the Jews? This week’s episode: Will Hillary reverse-inherit her grandchild’s Jewishness? What does a Klan wizard look like on LinkedIn? Can you guess who studied Talmud before becoming a famous fashion icon? And more. WATCH NOW

Media and Tech

Morning Jew: Jewish Porn Star, Kansas City JCC Shooter & Spain Doubles Down

Comedians Katie Halper and Heather Gold unpack this week’s news. And oy, what a week it’s been. Happy Passover. Watch Morning Jew now!

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