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What Really Happened at the GA

November 29, 2010

I asked a protester, “Why disrupt the GA?” She answered, “We had to scream to be heard.”

Don't Divest; Invest

November 28, 2010

For the first time ever, New Israel Fund weighs in publicly on the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement - and its answer is not necessarily what you would expect.

Peace Process or Land Grab?

November 28, 2010

The Jewish Voice for Peace advocates Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions of/against Israel.

Marilyn Sneiderman joins the 14% of Jewish Women Leaders

October 11, 2010

New Avodah Executive Director Marilyn Sneiderman breaks one glass ceiling, only to bump into another.

Is Netanyahu the Jewish Arafat?

September 29, 2010

Before you start calling me a self-hating anti-Zionist Jew, let me explain. Arafat was asked to give something up. He didn’t. Abbas was asked to give something up. He did. What about Netanyahu?

The Israeli-Palestinian Talks Just Might Succeed

September 26, 2010

The pundits are focused on how Mahmoud Abbas and Bibi Netanyahu can overcome the obstacles in the way of peace. However, the best reason to hope these negotiations can succeed is, surprisingly, the United States.

Pity is not Equality

August 30, 2010

I applaud the Orthodox clergy who recently condemned homophobia in their attempt to be compassionate, but is it healthy for families to be part of a community that they know accepts them only out of pity?

Islamophobia, Antisemitism, the Holocaust, and a “New” Jewish Cause

August 20, 2010

Has Islamophobia replaced the Holocaust as the sign of a Jewish identity that always must be defined in opposition to the Other?

After BP (and Katrina): Rethinking the Economy of the Gulf Coast

August 17, 2010

Now that the BP gusher has been capped, the media will pack up and return to their scandal du jour. Gulf Coast residents, however, still face an infrastructure destroyed by Katrina, and now a local economy depressed by the loss of fishing and tourism. They need our help–but what they need may be different from what we expect.

Why the Cordoba Brouhaha is a Good Thing

August 16, 2010

Until New Yorkers can experience what is sure to be a relatively mundane and (excuse me, Cordoba) boring Islamic center in their midst, they will have a hard time recovering from 9/11.

Not in Our Name: Jewish Women Speak out on Israel

August 13, 2010

In this review of Shifting Sands: Jewish Women Confront the Occupation, Turner suggests that “Not in our Name” should be used as a counternarrative to a pro-settler Zionism.

Why Christian Zionists Love Jews and Other Notes from the End-Times

August 2, 2010

The campaign for Jews to partner with Christian Zionists has intensified since the formation of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) in 2006. Read what this means, and why Jews should care.

The Israeli LGBT Community: A Tale of Two Cities

July 15, 2010

Tel Aviv’s Gay Pride parade had 40,000 marchers this year; Jerusalem boasts an Orthodox gay men’s group with hundreds of members. And that’s just the start.

Attack Iran?

July 5, 2010

Will the United States or Israel attack Iran? Unlikely. But the new sanctions up the ante.

Hugo Chavez' Advisor: The Anti-Semitic Path of Norberto Ceresole

July 1, 2010

In 1999, Ceresole released Caudillo, Army, People: Venezuela under Comandante Chávez, emphasizing Chávez’s promise as a panacea to the country’s ills. With this book, Ceresole won the heart of Chavismo.

Aboard the Mavi Marmara: An Analysis of Turkish-Israeli Relations

June 28, 2010

Israeli Turkish Jews Nathalie Alyon and Medi Nahmiyaz boarded the Mavi Marmara as official translators. Here they report on what they heard, and explain how and why this old ship became a symbol for the crisis in Turkish-Israeli relations.

Sheikh Jarrah: Praying with our Feet

June 9, 2010

What does it mean to come down to Sheikh Jarrah, this slice of Palestinian East Jerusalem slowly being taken over by settlers? Why do we come here, week after week, with our signs and protests?

Yes, Zeek Should Cover Christian Zionism

June 8, 2010

On May 27, 2010, we asked readers whether Zeek should cover Christian Zionism, and if so, how often. Here are your replies.

Of Boycotts and Blockades: An Analysis of the Gaza Flotilla Attack

June 2, 2010

Israel’s attack on the Gaza flotilla underscores the collateral damage this blockade has had–for Israel–and especially for Israel’s protests against the anti-Israel boycott.

In Pursuit of Liberal Zionism

May 22, 2010

Zionism was once synonymous with liberalism. Today, it connotes conservatism. Moshe Yaroni, on Diaspora Jewry’s alienation from Israel, and what it will take to reconnect the two.

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