Philip Terman

Philip Terman’s works include The Torah Garden, Rabbis of the Air, Book of the Unbroken Days, and The House of Sages. His poems have appeared in many journals and anthologies.

Bara Sapir

Arts and Culture

The Sephardic Poem

In Toledo we sat at a small round table
beside a rose garden and the synagogue,
our children grouchy from the long walk and the heat…


Four Jewish Guys: Poetry & Performance | New York

Poetry reading and performance with Philip Terman, Yehoshua November, Jay Michaelson, and Jake Marmer.

Four Jewish Guys: New Poetry

New poetry by four Jewish guys, Philip Terman, Jake Marmer, Jay Michaelson, and Yehoshua November. Each has a different take on the neurotic conundra of Judaism and masculinity.

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